How to Order BOGOs

Buy One GET One (BOGO) deals are a really great way to build up your oil stock with free oils.  And if you order using your LRP (Loyalty Reward Cart), you will earn points toward more free oils.  

 Here are some quick and easy steps to place your order. 

1. Log into your doTERRA account on the day of the BOGO.

2. Option 1: Add to your existing LRP.  Update and Process today.

Option 2: Create a 2nd LRP ( delete it after you place your order - bottom left hand corner will say “delete this LRP”)

Option 3: Place a one time standard order. (Reminder ... You won’t earn LRP points and you will only get 1/2 your cost of shipping back in product points) 

3. Add the BUY One product to your cart.  A maximum of 4. 

4. The Free products will automatically be added.

5. Click Proceed To Check Out to process your order today. 

Text, call or PM me if you have trouble ordering. I’m happy to help!