Our Mission: Educate Others on Natural Health and Wellness

Meet Michael and LaDonnah


We escaped the crowds and chaos of the Dallas metroplex to the quiet and remote life on a small ranch in North Central Texas. Twenty five miles from nowhere, but our little piece of heaven on earth!

We are the parents of three grown children and four absolutely perfect grandchildren (of course we are going to say that!)

We raise goats and mini donkeys which have become part of our family.  They all have names, which is good, but bad!  We can't sell a family member!

Our Lifestyle


We practice wholesome and natural wellness through natural medicines, home grown organic gardening, and healthy lifestyle habits.

We practice avoidance of pesticides/herbicides/GMO and other toxic ingredients in our foods, our cleaning supplies, and the products used on our ranch. 

Retired But Not


We both had successful careers in the healthcare industry.  Mike retired in 2012 and I in 2017.  We may be retired from the workforce, but not from our own business pursuits!

Mike maintains Blue Sky Ranch and takes care of the livestock.  He is also a very active member and officer in the local amateur radio club.

LaDonnah is founder of Blue Sky Natural Living and spends much of her time coaching and educating others on healthy lifestyle habits.