Wellness Box


What is a Wellness Box

A wellness box is a theme based group of products that will be featured each month.

For Example, the May Wellness products focused on Cleaning.  This makes a great list and reference of what products you should order to ensure you have what you need to move toward more natural and safe cleaning in your home.

Remember!  You don't add a Wellness Box to your cart to get these.  You will add each one individually.  


June Wellness Kit: Summer Survivor

What you need!

TerraShield 30ml Spray: This is a natural solution to keep bugs and mosquitos away. 

🐛TerraShield 15ml bottle: Yes, you’ll want to grab one of these too, so you can diffuse TerraShield on your porch or patio AND refill the spray bottle when it gets low.

👄Lip Balm: Keep your lips smooth and moisturized all summer long. 

👩🏻Immortelle (Anti-Aging Blend): The Swiss Army Knife of Essential oils. 

💪🏽Correct X: Think of it as an all natural Neosporin. 

🐝Purify: Go to oil for bug bites and bee/wasp stings. Plus, will get the funky smell out of clothes, shoes, and the air. 

👶🏽OnGuard Hand Sanitizer:  Quick and effective way to clean tables, hands, well … just about everything